Woman Actually Named Karen Arrested For Refusing to Wear Mask, And the Crowd Goes Wild With Surprise!

Photo: Cleveland Police Department

In the past few years, the term “Karen” has become a cultural phenomenon. If you somehow aren’t aware of this nickname, either you’ve literally been living under a rock or you’re smart enough to stay far away from social media. In the simplest terms, a “Karen” is a derogatory term for a white woman who is showcasing how entitled, racist, or downright crazy they are for seemingly no reason. It’s usually used to represent a woman who demands something. Examples include demanding to see someone’s ID, not allowing someone to go into a building, or simply coughing in someone’s face in the middle of a pandemic.

To truly reach Karen infamy, it must be caught on camera and broadcast over social media for all to enjoy. The only thing more interesting/enraging than a “Karen” is an actual woman named Karen being a total “Karen.” This is exactly what happened recently in Ohio when an anti-masker named Karen Turner went into a grocery store and refused to put on a mask.

It all went down on January 18 when Turner strolled in Marc’s Deeper Discount in Brook Park, Ohio. Employees noticed the woman wasn’t wearing a mask. Assuming that she just forgot common decency for a moment, they asked her to put one on. A Normal human with a functioning brain would have decided that regardless of ridiculous views on the topic, it isn’t worth a fight. But, Turner obviously doesn’t understand that actions have consequences.

When she refused to leave, the police were called. She took out her phone in the most Karen moved of all time and began to record saying, “So, let me ask you this. Is it a law? What’s a federal law that prevents me from wearing a face mask?”

They explained to her that federal law and state law are different things, but that wasn’t enough for her as she then refused to provide ID and began yelling that she was going to sue the police. She pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor resisting arrest, trespassing, and failure to disclose information.

It’s been a state order since July for everyone to wear a mask in public in Ohio and this could all have been avoided if she simply put on a mask. It’s a few minutes out of your day. Is it worth being arrested over? Wouldn’t you rather grab your groceries and be on with your day? Oh, Karen.

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