Nike Go FlyEase: The Lazy American’s Latest in Covid-Friendly Sneakers For Around the House This Winter

Photo: Nike

We all remember Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers in ‘Back to the Future.’ That movie was released in 1985, but that scene took place in 2015. Before that year, we eagerly awaited this technology (along with hoverboards and self-drying clothes) as if it was going to somehow be available in the real world. Sadly, 2015 came and went and Marty’s shoes (besides an expensive ode to the shoe from Nike) never appeared. While we still don’t have self-lacing sneakers, Nike finally dropped a laceless shoe that can be slipped on and off without using your hands.

They’re called Nike Go FlyEase and they don’t require hands to put them on or take them off. While it seems like this might be the height of laziness, it’s actually something far less pessimistic. You see, while they were created for people who are in a hurry and simply don’t have time to tie their shoes but don’t want to walk around with loose sneakers that could fall off at any moment. They were also designed to be used by people with physical disabilities.

Have you ever thought about how difficult your life would be if you didn’t have any hands or a disability that makes manipulating your fingers difficult? Something as simple as a shoe that can be put on or removed with ease can make a dramatic difference.

FlyEase has no laces, zippers, Velcro, or even cords to pull and pinch. You simply step in and it closes on to your foot. Step out and it opens up again. Beginning on February 15, the limited-edition sneaker will be available for $120 and just might change someone’s life. Or, it will cut a few minutes out of your morning routine. Either way, it’s the closes to ‘Back to the Future’ we’re going to get any time soon.

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