Meanwhile in Utah: Vampire House for Sale With Creepy Wine Cellar Hangout, No Garlic Allowed

If you believe in folklore or just enjoy a spooky story, you’re probably well aware of the tale of Dracula. The king of all vampires, he’s been known to call Transylvania home. That’s in Romania and there’s even a Dracula castle that you can stay in if you really want to spend a night living like the famed, legendary vampire. But, if you don’t want to travel all the way to Europe, you can just buy this spooky AF house that’s for sale in Utah.

It’s listed on Zillow and, because of some unique decorations and design choices, it looks like it might be the vacation home of Nosferatu or the perfect place to just hang around (like a bat) if you’re into that sort of thing.

You see, while it doesn’t have a dungeon, isn’t covered in dust, and there’s not a single coffin in sight, there’s just something vampire-like about the home and the way it was decorated. While it’s a fairly new build, it’s decorated in a gothic, dare-we-say Transylvanian vibe.

The five-bedroom house, located in Salt Lake County, Utah, is on the market for $4.8 million and is filled with cathedral-style windows, dark stone, and a spooky subterranean swimming pool for people who either don’t enjoy sunlight or, perhaps aren’t able to stand in it without bursting into flames. Oh yeah, and the wine cellar not only looks like a dungeon but also looks like the perfect place to house a coffin or two.

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