Stay-Playstation: You Can Airbnb a 7-Eleven For a Night of Gaming, Snacks, and (Obviously) Endless Slurpees

Regardless of how old you are, there was likely a time in your life where you imagined the delight and freedom of staying overnight in your favorite store. Whether it was a toy store, and you’d spend the evening playing with every toy your parents never bought you. Or perhaps you’d pull your version of Corduroy and jump and climb on all the mattresses at a department store as if you’re a tiny bear in search of a missing button. Either way, we’ve all thought about spending the night in a closed store and now, thanks to folks at 7-Eleven, someone can finally make their childhood fantasies a reality.

Sure, the thought of spending the night in your average 7-Eleven isn’t all that alluring. They’re usually fairly small, sort of dingy, and who wants to spend an evening eating ancient roller hot dogs and downing them with overly sweet Slurpees anyway? (Actually, that does sound kind of cool.)

Luckily, the people at 7-Eleven don’t want to stick you in a corner gas station for the night. No, in this publicity stunt a few people will be allowed to spend a night in a new, unopened, very fancy superstore.

It will be listed on Airbnb as a “Gamers’ Paradise” with a large, flat-screen TV, Playstation 5, and all the sugary, salty, and sour snacks you can gobble down. Plus, we’re sure you can mix up all the random Slurpee concoctions you can imagine.

Beginning on Feb. 1, Airbnb will offer two separate one-night stays for a low fee of $11. You can only stay for one night and you must live in or near Dallas because that’s where the new store is located. Also, if you’re one of the lucky few who get to live out their childhood dream, 7-Eleven will even pick you up on a car service. Good luck getting one of the spots, there’s no doubt they won’t be available for long.

Photo: 7-Eleven

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