Plymouth Hoe: Popular English Tourist Destination Causes Confusion on Facebook, Disappointment Abounds

The world is full of cities, towns, and destinations with names that, if you’re not from there, might seem silly, awkward, or downright filthy. We’re talking about places like Intercourse, Pennsylvania; Titlis, Switzerland; or Spread Eagle, Wisconsin. Recently, one of these destinations has gone viral because its name, although actually innocent in the right context, has tipped off Facebook’s community standards while causing multiple users to have their accounts suspended.

In the US, the name for a Plymouth, England-based landmark is an offensive term for a woman thought to be promiscuous. You see, a famous landmark in this English seaside city is the Plymouth Hoe. That’s right, the Plymouth Hoe.

The seemingly strange named attraction locally referred to as “The Hoe,” is a public space surrounding limestone cliffs in the city. While it sounds naughty, it gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “hoh” which means a sloping ridge.

So, now that you know what it is, you should also know that it’s quite picturesque. Many people enjoy taking photos there and posting them on social media. Of course, when you add a photo of this seaside destination, you have to geotag it. This has led to some problems for users. That’s because Facebook has noticed the posts which have mistakenly triggered its community standards guidelines, causing users to have posts removed and some accounts temporarily suspended.

After going viral, Facebook realized its faux pas. But it just makes you wonder, in this world of strange named landmarks and cities, it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. We’re looking at you Sexmoan, Philippines.

Photo: Finnbarr Webster (Getty Images)

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