Not Lovin’ It: South Carolina Man Says He Got High From McDonald’s Sweet Tea, Probably Just Diabetic

Weed may not have the stigma it once did, but some of us are still finding ways to make it awkward. Take South Carolina man, Parrish Brown, 24, for instance. He went to his beloved McDonald’s drive-thru late one night and — what do ya know — wound up feeling a little under the weather. In fact, you might say he was above it (high as hell). Color us shocked, but for once it wasn’t (just) the food.

According to The Island Packet, Brown decided late one night he’d enjoy a double cheeseburger, 10-piece chicken nuggets and a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon from the clown prince of fast food, Ronald McDonald. But Brown claims when he ordered the aforementioned “extra lemon,” the employee working the drive-thru repeated it in a strange voice, almost as if in secret code. Still, Brown sipped on his tea, despite tasting a bit off. As he stirred his straw, he discovered the rarest of Happy Meal toys: three bags of marijuana in the bottom of his cup. When Brown opened the cup and saw the bags, he began to panic while beginning to feel the effects of the weed. He told his dad (pussy) and then his boss (idiot) and then finally called the local sheriff’s office (OK, huge idiot).

After invasive testing, authorities concluded it was “definitely weed.” Brown was asked why he kept drinking and he said that he was just really thirsty. Authorities have held their suspicion that there was a mix-up when Brown ordered his 10-piece nugs.

Photo: txking (Getty Images)

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