Iowa Man Scores $3 Million In Beer Money, Still Too Cheap to Buy Everyone a Round

How many great ideas have come out of watching football and drinking beer? Um, well, at least one. When Iowan football and beer fan, Carson King, held up a sign on national television letting people know his “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished” (with his Venmo account handle in plain view), he inadvertently stumbled on beer-logic gold. Donations flooded in by the thousands. When his Venmo account broke a million, King decided to pledge the entire bundle to the Stead Family Children’s Hospital (located within puking distance of the University of Iowa stadium). Anheuser Busch caught wind of King’s generosity and offered to match his total.

For his troubles, 24-year-old King received a lifetime supply of Busch Light, which goes to show that drunken attempts to prolong drunkenness always pay off. Though his generosity is admirable and a lifetime supply of beer is a pretty sweet reward, the whole thing got us thinking about all the top-shelf spirits King could have stocked up on with all that moola. We came up with a few ideas.

Photo: Matthew Holst (Getty Images)

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