Now That’s Grape! 8 Organic Wines You Can Swear By

Photo: Reda&Co (Getty Images)

The wine gods have spoken and not all organic wines are created equal.

Consider this: more than half of all wine available in the U.S. is produced by just three major wine conglomerates. And while these mega-corps have made an art form of designing rustic little labels and writing astoundingly quaint copy, it’s impossible to produce wine on such a scale without using a bunch of hangover-inducing shortcuts.

Shortcuts like: deadly pesticides, added chemicals, sulfates, sugars, preservatives, coloring, synthetic yeast, oak chips, and yes…water (topping bottles off like we did our uncle’s gin). And because wine producers aren’t required to label what’s actually inside their bottles, you have no idea what you’re putting in your mouth!

Fear not! We’ve compiled a shortlist of organic and biodynamic options that take the long road to deliver a clean, natural wine that will leave you shouting delightful profanities out your window.

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