Drink at Home and Save Some Cash With This Wine Delivery Service

If there’s anything the past year and a half has made us want to do, it sure as hell isn’t to go out in public and drink with 100 of your closest friends. No, we have officially been conditioned to stay home and get drunk with our cats like responsible Americans. Do your part fighting off the COVID Delta variant while both saving serious doll hairs and sloshing up any Friday night the fancy way with the Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle: 15 Bottles of Wine.

Okay, let’s break this down for you: you’ll get 15 bottles of the most high-brow wines straight to your doorstep for a fraction of the price a bar would charge you for the exact same thing (Also on the topic board: why you’re consuming 15 bottles of wine at the bar–everything okay man?). 10 of the bottles you’ll receive retail over $20 each, if that’s any indication of the moolah you’ll save.

So, how does the operation work? Simple really! Just purchase the voucher, redeem the code, select an all-white or all red bundle, and, bam, you’re on your way to summertime deliciousness from home. Share with your friends, share with your spouse, share with your mother-in-law who you don’t really like, getting wine shipped directly to you for next to nothing will turn you into a really generous person, we promise.

The cherry on top? We know you’ll be satisfied, but if for whatever reason the wines aren’t tickling your fancy, it’s no sweat, you’ll be able to trade them in for brand new ones with a store credit. Can’t do that at Larry’s Bar and Grill (unless you want your chardonnay with a side of spit, we’re on to you Larry).

Get the Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle: 15 Bottles of Wine for $65 (Reg. $99).

Prices subject to change.