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Here’s Everything You Need To Stock Your Home Bar

Photo: Maxim Fesenko (Getty Images)

Many people decide to use January as a month to “take it easy” on alcohol and only enjoy a drink or two per weekend. Others opt for having a dry January. This means that in an effort to detox from all of the holiday revelry, these brave souls decide to completely stay away from beer, wine, liquor, and maybe even mouthwash for the whole month. If they’re anything like us, once the calendar turns to February, they’re really going to want a drink. That’s why for their sake and yours, the time is right to stock up your own home bar.

Plus, having a home bar will guarantee your friends and family will have a reason to stop by your house or apartment. Also, stocking up now will lead to fewer bar tabs in the future. Why would you trudge out into the snow and sleet (uphill both ways) to your local pub to spend $15 dollars on a bacon-washed Manhattan when you can make your own at home?

Not everyone has a degree in mixology and that’s why we need a little help figuring out what to buy. You could just go into your local liquor store and buy one of everything, but most of those bottles will just end up collecting more dust than your Pog collection. The best way to prepare for any type of investment (and a home bar can definitely be an investment) is to get tips from experts. That’s why we asked two of your favorite bartenders to tell you what you need to create a great home bar. From jiggers to gin, they’ve got you covered.

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