Mind-Reading Device Calms You Down For Only $150, Says Guy Who Never Smoked Weed

What will they think of next? Better yet, what will we think of next? Luckily, the world may soon know, thanks to the MUSE Brain Sensing Headband. The headband can supposedly read your mind and use said readings to calm you down for a mere $150. The band uses “proven” technology to measure brain waves and it guides you through a meditation using real-time analysis of those brain waves. Some people who have tried this black magic say it works surprisingly well. Others have said they didn’t notice a difference. Regardless, this is just one more step toward machines completely taking over and turning us into robots. For $150 bucks, it might be worth a shot, though you can pretty much get the same effect with a really good strain of weed.

Photo Credit: Coney Jay (Getty Images)

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