5 Unorthodox Ways To Beat Stress And Find Your Zen

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Stress is a national epidemic. Affecting people of all genders and ages, a recent report found that stress was particularly common for those aged between 25 and 35 years old. Forty-four percent of millennials and members of Generation Z also said they were stressed by their career.

We all know that yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques are supposed to help stress levels, but what if we’ve tried them already to minimal success? Here are five alternative suggestions for reducing your stress that you may not have heard of before.

Time To LEGO

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Yep, those tiny little bricks that are tortuous to step on can help you beat the blues. A recent LEGO advertisement described the product as “zen in the shape of a brick,” and it might not be hyperbole after all. The LEGO “Play Well Report” found that 91 percent of adults agreed that play was good for their own well-being. Eighty-six percent also agreed that play helped them to relax.

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The building and thinking process behind LEGO is a great way of taking your mind off things and also unwinding after a particularly tough day.

Game Of Tetris, Anyone?

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From one block to another. According to a new study, Tetris can get us into an engrossed mental state called “flow,” otherwise known as “the zone.” The addictive game was found to be a welcome distraction when participants were waiting for news, such as test results. Just don’t find yourself enjoying Tetris as much as this woman.

Take A Beer Bath

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Okay, hear us out. Beer spas have existed as far back as ancient Egypt and China and used as a way to treat illness. According to the Original Beer Spa in Prague, beer spas can help rejuvenate the skin, ease muscle tension, detoxify, cleanse pores, and even reduce stress. It’s thought a beer spa is effective because of the high doses of vitamin B and active enzymes found in brewer’s yeast. We’re booking a flight right now.

Get The Swear Jar Out

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Researchers at Keele University found that swearing can actually calm us down, so there’s never been a better excuse to be a potty mouth.

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The study showed a link between swearing and pain relief. The emotional response to swearing to using bad words released adrenaline making it an evolutionary form of pain relief.

Got any unique stress-busting techniques of your own? Share them below!