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Reddit Has a Special Place For Men to Scream Their Pain Away

When the stressors of life get to be too much, everyone deals with the overwhelm differently. Some binge eat. Some drink until they pass out. Others masturbate their dicks raw. And a select few scream until they physically can’t any longer. How do we know? Because there’s a Reddit dedicated to letting it all out through your vocal cords.

You can find it at r/Screaming, where 20,000 subscribers discuss “heavy metal screaming, extreme vocals and death growling techniques. You are encouraged to show off your skills here!”

While many of the members are musicians, that isn’t a dealbreaker for joining or partaking in the age-old stress relief technique that is vocalization.

“Whether for catharsis or musical talent, so much of learning to scream comes from understanding how to express emotion through noise, all while trying to do so in a healthy way,” 26-year-old Parker Buhrman told Mel Magazine. “The trick with screaming is learning to not let all of it be emotionally driven, no matter how instinctual it feels, because doing so is basically slamming vocal cords together to make the noise.”

Musical screaming techniques help men experience catharsis without damaging their vocal cords. The subreddit has proven to be a place where dudes can learn how to scream safely and also find support for the experiences and emotions that inspire the screaming.

“I’ve had quite a few rough days at work in the past few weeks, and screaming to my favorite music was something that I looked forward to and helped me get through it,” Buhrman continued.

That’s quite the endorsement! Now please excuse us. We have some therapeutic screaming to do…

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