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Woman Swallows Engagement Ring in Sleep Thinking It Was a Dream, Gives Guy Immediate Cold Feet

Sweet dreams are made of these…or maybe not. A California woman recently swallowed her own engagement ring while asleep.  The woman, who admits to being a sleepwalker, is also now a sleep-swallower (cue smirks). Evidently, the woman was dreaming that she was on a high-speed train being chased by “bad guys” who were after her ring. The only way to protect her ring, she said, was to swallow it. Her Facebook post about the experience went viral. In it, she wrote that she “popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water.” Upon realizing her dream had come true, she and her fiancé went to the hospital, got an X-ray and had the ring removed via an emergency upper endoscopy, which definitely beats the alternative. Both the woman and her husband-to-be shared a laugh, but we’re wondering if the groom should question if this is someone he really wants to marry.

Cover Photo: Karl Tapales (Getty Images)

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