Man Forced to Buy Girlfriend 3 Engagement Rings, Poor Bastard Didn’t Know What Hit Him

We’ve all heard of the term “high maintenance,” but this takes things to a whole new level. One gentleman found this out when he proposed to his girlfriend with not one, not two, but three engagement rings!

The woman, who shall remain nameless out of fear of social media outrage, posted to the Facebook Group, “That’s it, I’m proposal shaming,” explained why her fiancé bought her three separate rings for different occasions. The first ring, which is the one we’ll assume this poor chap proposed with, was a silver ring adorned with various diamonds. For most women, that would have been enough. Then there was a gold ring and rose gold. You know this could have all been avoided if he asked her what her favorite metal was (or just looked in her jewelry box instead of her panty drawer for once.

“I’m super picky when it comes to my jewelery,” the woman said. “It all has to match!”

Sounds like this guy is in for one hell of a ride. Best of luck, you poor bastard.

Cover Photo: Image Source (Getty Images)

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