Justin Bieber Removes Wife’s Wedding Garter With Sexy Beaver Teeth Move, Hundreds of Young Beliebers Expected to Be Hospitalized for Terminal FOMO

It was a sad day for Beliebers young and old alike, as the prince of popJustin Bieber, married his sweetheart, Hailey Rhode Baldwin, in a beautiful ceremony in South Carolina in September. More recently, Beebs posted an Instagram photo of himself removing his wife’s garter with his adorable lil’ beaver teeth. It was a cute moment that will be a good memory for Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, to be sure. But let’s pour out a juice box for all the little Beliebers of the world. At the exact moment Bieber sunk his little beaver teeth into his bride’s undergarment, every single one of them looked up and shed a single, solitary tear.

Cover Photo: Instagram

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