Homeowner of the Year Invents Hilarious Way to Keep Folks Off His Lawn, Controversial Fix Doubles as Great Start to Wet T-Shirt Contest

Photo: Sasha_Litt (Getty Images)

If you’re anything like us, you either live in an apartment and don’t have a lawn (or at least not one you care about) or (if you own your own home) you put the bare minimum amount of work into lawn care. We’re talking about mowing it when it becomes embarrassing to the neighborhood and covered in weeds and dandelions. That’s about it. But some people take their lawn care very seriously and they don’t want random people cutting through their lawn, trudging over their hard work. They say the grass is always greener on the other side and one homeowner was tired of people using his lawn as a shortcut to find it so he took a controversial approach to this problem.

The internet is divided as to whether or not this man is petty, but we’re on team homeowner on this one. Mostly because it’s hilarious and the folks that walked through his yard pretty much had it coming. What did they have coming, you might ask? Well, of course they got doused with a healthy stream of water for their transgressions.

@tgunz81 More lawn pirates! Asked nicely everyday to stay off the lawn but people just keep coming. #Lawnpirates #Lawnmageddon #Funny #Sprinklers ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

It was all documented in hilarious detail on TikTok by the homeowner named Thomas Lyons. He posts security camera footage of the mayhem on his lawn. In one video, we see a couple walking through the yard. When they hit a designated area their movement triggers a motion sensor and a steady stream of water begins shooting out of a sprinkler.

Many people online believe this man is just being mean and petty, but we can honestly say it’s a pretty funny way to get people to stop cutting through your lawn. Nobody gets hurt, they just end up soaking wet and they’ll definitely think twice about doing it again.