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Meanwhile in Florida: Woman All But Defecates in Local Ice Cream Shop

A Florida business owner took the ice cream challenge to a whole new level before she was arrested for contaminating a neighboring business’ ice cream with her spit, filthy hands, and urine. She apparently didn’t like the fact her neighbors were getting more popular, so she took matters into her own hands to dirty up their business. Sixty-six-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha was recently arrested after video evidence showed her tampering with products inside an ice cream shop that sits next to her food mart. Footage showed her going into a bathroom, not washing her hands, and then walking over to the freezer to rub those same icky hands in the ice cream. Maybe she was trying to make a new flavor? “Violated vanilla” perhaps? Or maybe “shitty sherbet?”

Other footage caught Wypcha picking her nose and sticking her fingers in the ice cream. She was also shown spitting in the frozen treat like it said something offensive to her. The most heinous effort by Wypcha, however, has to be when she was filmed pissing in a bucket the shop used to churn the ice cream. She then emptied out her urine into a sink normally used to wash utensils. The whole ordeal caused the shop to close down for five days. As for the Florida woman, she earned a trip to jail and we’ll never look at ice cream the same way again.

Photo: Aaron Amat (Getty Images)

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