Urine Therapy

‘Urine Therapy’ Is The Latest Idiot Craze

Photo: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía (Getty Images)

In the latest episode of people doing gross things that make no sense, Facebook groups are encouraging you to drink pee because they believe it can cure an array of diseases. “Urine therapy,” as it is called, has people consuming their own bodily waste because they somehow think the practice is good for you.

The groups, some of which have thousands of followers, aim to promote urine as a remedy for various ailments that inhibit the body. Essentially, the more you piss, the more medicine you can store in your medicine cabinet as opposed to, you know, the toilet.

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Other practices within the urine-health community suggest bathing your feet in your pee. Others promote urine as an eyedrop which sounds incredibly painful as we type this sentence. We’re literally squinting right now.

Then there’s using it as a shampoo, as was done by British television personality Beverley Turner. She was all in on dumping a cup of pee all over her head because it apparently does wonders for your hair’s volume or something. Talk about a golden shower, huh?

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Turner went on to tweet “Who needs costly shampoo when you can shower in your own urine?!” We do. We need costly shampoo.

We’re pretty sure there’s a study out there somewhere that examines the benefits of drinking urine. If there is, kudos to the people brave enough to volunteer in the name of science. The people of the urine-therapy community owe you a debt of gratitude for your work. Perhaps they can buy a round of drinks as a thank you. We’re thinking you know what kind of drinks they’ll offer.