Some People Will Do Anything to Get Out of Work (Like Run Someone Over)

Having a 9-to-5 job sucks balls. We’ve been there and can totally understand lying in bed early in the morning and looking up at the ceiling, thinking up the best way to get out of going to work. What we can’t understand is running people over with your car as a means of getting out of clocking in.

Eli Aldinger intentionally ran people over on his way to work as a way of avoiding going to his job at a hotel. He was arrested soon after and recently sentenced to 14 years in prison for his crimes. This guy literally hated his job so much that he was willing to be incarcerated to avoid ever having to go to work.

The 23-year-old ran over a lady in the crosswalk, narrowly missing her husband. A block later, he hit another woman. The arresting officer noted that the driver was “looking forward to ‘spending a few years in a room'” and he even claimed that hitting these people was worth it.

There are more productive ways of dealing with a shitty job, Mandatory Nation. Perhaps upping the exercise will help, or maybe going to the occasional happy hour. What we can guarantee is running people over is not the best way to deal with work. You’ll go from answering emails to cleaning up the prison restroom faster than your car can hit pedestrians.

Cover Photo: Carlos_bcn (Getty Images)

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