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Playing Hooky: Enjoy Summer With These Irrefutable Excuses For Calling Out Of Work

Honesty is a great policy and we really wish we could pull it off, but in today’s gig economy, you can’t chance being replaced. Which means, if you need time off, you’ve got to get creative. Regardless if the excuse is for your full-time job or one of your side gigs, your goal is to have your employer feel badly enough that they don’t question your absence. This way you don’t get in trouble or replaced. So fear not, lowly employee of the 99 percent, these tried and true excuses will afford you the time to chill out and enjoy what’s left of summer before the entire world engulfs into flames thanks to global warming.

Photo: Baona (Getty Images)

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What’s your go-to excuse when you have better things to do than work? Sound off in the comments to help others achieve the time off they need.

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