Man Survived as Bear Food for a Month by Drinking His Own Urine

Listen, people, it’s not a good idea to fight bears. Ever. If you see a bear, back away slowly and don’t engage it in any way. If you don’t listen to this sage advice, you’ll end up looking like this dude.

A man was found in a bear den and was barely clinging on to life when he was discovered in Russia. His body, as seen in the video above, made it look like he was dead. Fortunately, he was found alive and taken to a nearby hospital.

According to local reports, the man, who called himself Alexander, survived for one month after the bear overpowered him. He told the media that he survived by drinking his own urine. Luckily for him, a group of hunters found him when he was near death.

Alexander couldn’t remember his last name or how old he is. Apart from being severely disfigured from the bear using him as its own personal snack, Alexander was diagnosed with a broken spine. We can’t begin to explain how this dude survived for that long in such a messed up state.

Once again, we don’t want any of you to fight bears. Don’t do it. If you do, you might not be as lucky as Alexander who lived to talk about it.

Photo: Mark Gibson (Getty Images)

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