Meanwhile in Florida: Dunkin’ Manager Hires Herself As Employee (of the Month), Pockets Checks

Does life ever get so crazy that you wish you were in two places at once? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be cool if two of you were in the same place so you can get twice as much work done? That’s what this Florida Dunkin’ manager did, hiring herself as a fake employee. The result was her pocketing two paychecks. Markia Nelson, 29, made up a fake person, hired them, and pocketed the checks into her own bank account. She essentially doubled herself and got paid for it.

For nearly three months, Nelson clocked in as the imaginary employee and made a total of $1,610.84 at a rate of $8.65 an hour. The reason she did it, Nelson reportedly told authorities, was to pay for life expenses. Ironically, this came at the expense of her freedom because she was arrested last month. The dual-personality employment scam resulted in grand theft charges and jail time. She’s out now, and we’re pretty sure she’ll never manage a Dunkin’ again. The biggest fallout of this case, however, has to be the number of resumes she’ll need when applying for jobs. Is it just one or two? Also, is it appropriate to add “multitasker” to her list of skills?

Photo: Craig Barritt (Getty Images)

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