Meanwhile in Florida: Jimmy Butler Opens Coffee Shop Inside NBA Bubble, All Set to Retire After He Beats LeBron in the Finals

Photo: Dylan Buell (Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of the NBA (specifically the Miami Heat) you’re well aware of Jimmy Butler. The All-Star forward and his teammates are currently holding a 2-1 lead over the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. If the Heat beat the Celtics, they’re looking at a matchup likely against LeBron James and the LA Lakers. But, it’s more than just sports on Butler’s mind these days. He also has a very popular coffee brand.

Yes, you read that right. The NBA player is running his own coffee shop. And no, we’re not talking about ownership in a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. Butler opened his own coffee business in the NBA bubble a few months ago. For those unaware, the whole NBA season (including the playoffs) was played in a “bubble” in Orlando, Florida. And, since players are stuck in a bubble with no ability to go out into the real world.

When players began isolation in the NBA bubble, the lack of high-quality coffee became a big deal. Butler, who had brought his French press, heard all the talk and decided to do something about it. But, all good things come for a price. He called his brand “Big Face” and sold lattes, pour-overs, cappuccinos, Americanos, espressos, Red Eyes, Macchiatos, mochas, and café au lait in small, medium, and large sizes. Every cup, no matter the size, cost $20. We have no idea if all of the different coffee styles equate to Butler simply making you a black coffee using his French press, but it’s a great story nonetheless.

The whole coffee business idea came to a head this week when Butler actually filed three trademarks for “Big Face Coffee.” The trademarks include use of the title in apparel, housewares, and “general café items” like coffee beans and tea bags.

While it’s highly unlikely that Butler plans to retire after the NBA Finals in order to dive fully into the world of coffee, we really hope that all of these newly minted trademarks mean that we’ll start seeing “Big Face Coffee” franchises pop up around the country soon. Even if all they serve is French pressed coffee.

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