There’s a Museum Dedicated to Poop and It Promises a Crappy Time

The Japanese have ways of celebrating things uncommon to the western part of the world. This time, they’ve literally dedicated a museum to various forms of poop and all of its splendid and foul-smelling purity.

The Unko Museum in Yokohama, Japan was erected to celebrate the natural and apparently wonderful craps that we’ve produced in our existence. You even get to sit on a toilet when you enter the place as you watch an introductory video that talks about the result of defecation. Yummy.

As with any museum, the gift shop is booming with poop-related items you can take home. One of these trinkets is in the colorful toilet you sit on at the entrance, waiting for you to keep it as a memento. We’re pretty sure if you eat enough sushi, you’ll be able to make your own souvenir.

We can’t wait to one day take a trip to Japan and experience all the wonders in the country, including this poop museum. Hell, we might not even come back because we’ll just get jobs as professional ninjas.

Photo: ivan101 (Getty Images)

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