Moose (Alces alces) Adult Males, Ontario, Canada.

Maine Grandma Is Making a Crapload Off Art Made of Moose Poop

Photo: Moose, Alces alces Adult Males, Ontario, Canada (Getty Images)

A news reporter in Maine discovered a journalist’s dream while interviewing a grandma who is making a killing, actually a crapload, selling art made of moose poop. Finally, it’s alright to tell someone their gift looks like a piece of shit.

Mary Winchenbach, proud owner of Tirdy Works, makes a living off selling homemade arts and crafts outfit comprised entirely of moose turds. Mom always said to never look a piece of moose poop art in the mouth, but we figured she was kidding.

Instead of a cuckoo clock, Winchenbach has created a “poo-poo clock,” the holiday gift that says, “I had to get you something, you POS.”

And don’t forget to pick up a fresh batch of “fecal people.”

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Below is the news clip, a work of art in my humble opinion. The original Facebook video has over 10 million views.

“Everyone takes a crap,” says Winchenbach, who encourages everyone to try her “shitty products.”

“When a moose takes a dump, they’ll crap out between 200 and 400 turds. So it’s like I get five bucks a turd for these things, so I get jumping up and down, and I get excited when I see a turd,” she says.

And to no surprise, since this news story went viral Winchenbach’s business has really exploded, so to speak.

Brian Sullivan, you deserve an Emmy. No bull, err moose, shit.


Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory. 


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