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Japan Uses Video Game With Anime Girls to Teach Men About Healthy Pooping Habits

While everyone loves a little bathroom humor from time to time, nobody wants to talk about bowel health. But a new Japanese app aims to change that, and it’s doing it in a very enticing way.

Called “Unkore” (a combination of the Japanese words for “poop,” and “collection”), it’s a video game that recasts intestinal bacteria as sexy Anime ladies. It’s set in the fictional land of Untopia and tasks players with defending the kingdom with the help of the bacteria. The app nudges users to record details of their BMs, including frequency, shape, and color in the hopes of getting props from bacilli.

The app was created by gastrointestinal surgeon Yousuke Ishii as part of a public-health campaign because colorectal cancer cases are rising in Japan.

How effective the app is at getting men to pay more attention to their bathroom habits remains to be seen, but we’re all for any excuse to make poop more playful.

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