Georgia Mall Brawl Features Man Drop-Kicking Woman, State Continues to Prove It Should Stay Closed Indefinitely

Look, we’ve all gone a little stir-crazy during this pandemic. People have put on masks, told us that sunlight and bleach and cure the coronavirus, monkeys have tried to kidnap babies, and more. It’s been a weird season and we’re all doing the best we can. Except Georgia.

Georgia seems to be doing everything in its power to do the worst that it can. It started with the governor, Brian Kemp, admitting to not realizing that “individuals could have been infecting people before they ever felt bad.” He said that. Like, to people. Then, Georgia decided to reopen itself early, which no doubt led to even more cases of COVID-19. Tragically, the death of Ahmaud Arbery by a father and son (who have since been arrested), also happened in Georgia. And, now, this.

A video, which has gone viral shows, a “mall brawl” between three women and a security guard outside of the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta on the first day it reopened. The brawl itself is nothing you haven’t seen before. That is, until a ninja comes running into the frame and legit dropkicks a woman, before picking up (presumably) his baby mama and fleeing back into the night (or, ya know, afternoon). This is exactly the kind of notoriety Georgia doesn’t need at this time, and it’s just further proof that, maybe, the state should just stay closed indefinitely.

Little Richard was the best thing to come out of Georgia and he’s dead now, so why do we even bother anymore?

Cover Photo: Instagram

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