Meanwhile in Georgia: Teen Drivers to Skip Driving Tests With Parents’ Permission, Georgia Trying Real Hard to Outdo Florida

Georgia just keeps making terrible decisions. The latest in a long line of terrible decisions is an order from Governor Brian Kemp that allows teenagers to procure their driver’s licenses without actually passing a driving test. Because why not?

Kemp claims that this decision is based on everything surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, but he also didn’t know that said virus can be passed from person to person without either of them showing symptoms, so how reliable is he, really? Instead of taking, and subsequently passing, a test that actually demonstrates their driving skills (or lack thereof), now teenagers just need their parents’ permission!

These are the same parents that are throwing temper tantrums with machine guns because they can’t eat at Olive Garden, mind you.

“I’m good with them dropping the road test piece so she can get out there and drive,” a nameless parent was quoted as saying. Because who else is gonna drive to go pick up a No. 3 from McDonald’s?

This order isn’t designed to be a permanent thing, but it will still result in hundreds of teenagers being on the road without having passed an actual test. But what can we expect from Georgia? They’ve spent the past few months out-Floridaing Florida, so we’ve actually come to expect this from them.

Cover Photo: cnicbc (Getty Images)

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