Idiot Takes His Shirt Off, Jumps Over Counter To Fight McDonald’s Employees After Fries ‘Took Too Long’

Screenshot: Facebook/KFOX 14

And here ladies and gentlemen we have another loose cannon who was set off because he didn’t get his McDonald’s food as fast as he wanted to receive it.

Alfredo Sanchez was eating at a McDonald’s at El Paso, Texas when the chaos started. A roided-out dude decided to cause a scene after, according to the guy, he had waiting “two hours” for his fries. Which is highly unlikely. So what did this tool decide to do? Well, he took his shirt off, hopped over the McDonald’s counter and punched an employee in the lip.

Let’s first take a look at the small clip below to see this dude taking his shirt off and pretending he’s a heel on a WWE program.

Idiot Takes His Shirt Off, Jumps Over Counter To Fight McDonald’s Employees After Fries ‘Took Too Long’

Someone get that dude some fries before he burns the place down.


“We were eating and all of a sudden, like, I hear my friend say, like, what the heck,” said Sanchez. “And like, I see a guy come in with a big dog.” Sanchez recorded the video on his phone. “He’s telling the people, like, I waited two hours for my fries,” he recalled.

Sanchez said an unidentified man was irate over an issue about his food order. He told KFOX14 the man swiped a cookie display off the restaurant’s counter and started threatening an employee.

The El Paso Police Department confirmed officers were called out for reports of a fight going on at that McDonald’s location. “Finally, the cops get there and they just kind of get him,” said Sanchez. “They take him outside and another cop car comes in.”

Here is more of the chaos thanks to Sanchez’ filming.

And this is when police finally arrived.

So the guy walks in with a huge dog like he’s a villain in a bad ’80s movies? Oh boy. And guess what? He wasn’t arrested as police say the investigation is still on going.

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