Hong Kong, Hong Kong - AUGUST 02: McDonald's Big Mac is seen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on August 02, 2018. McDonald's is giving away free big macs for the burger's 50th birthday. McDonald's sold 1.3 billion Big Macs last year, according to the chain. (Photo by Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images)

Meanwhile in Russia: Black Market McDonald’s Meals Are Selling For $450 a Pop

Fast-food fans in Russia aren’t lovin’ what Putin has done to their country. Because of the dictator’s insistence on invading neighboring Ukraine, many companies are shuttering storefronts. One of the big names closing up shop in both countries is McDonald’s.

The chain recently announced it was shutting down 850 of its locations in Russia and 108 more restaurants in Ukraine, which sent its regulars into a tailspin. In Russia, one very big stan of Mickey D’s chained himself to the restaurant in an attempt to prevent it from closing. (Spoiler alert: he failed.)

But while this man was protesting, other lovers of high-fat, calorie-dense delicacies like the McRib and the Big Mac were stocking up…and are now selling old McDonald’s meals for a lot of dough on the black market.

The Brag reports that “Russia’s version of eBay, Avito, has a $450 Big Mac meal listed, as well as a full bag of Macca’s burgers showing up on the platform for a whopping $1100.”

Don’t believe it? Just check out this photo from a Reddit user who is hoarding grub from the Golden Arches in his fridge.


“‘McDonald’s is permanently closing in Russia here is my friend’s stash,” he captioned the stomach-churning pic.

“If it’s not for personal consumption, it sure is a good business opportunity to sell stale burgers at a jacked price,” a fellow Redditor opined.

Let this be a lesson, Mandatory readers: if McDonald’s ever starts shutting locations stateside, make sure you grab all the McFood you can!

Cover Photo: S3studio / Contributor (Getty Images)