McDonald’s Gets Trolled by Jack in the Box Ad Outside Its ‘Restaurant,’ God Please Let This Escalate


Sometimes trolls can be bad. Like when they live under a bridge and try to eat innocent goats attempting to cross to enjoy the lush, grass-filled meadow across the river. Or trolls who spend their time on social media in an effort to ruin someone else’s day for seemingly no reason. But not all trolls are bad. Some trolls are hilarious. One of the most recent examples of the latter is fast food chain Jack In The Box. The clown-faced restaurant recently trolled McDonald’s in the most over-the-top humorous way.

The burger chain decided that a 40,000 square foot digital billboard (the world’s largest by the way) right next to a McDonald’s in Los Angeles was the perfect place to mock the rival fast food restaurant’s iconic Shamrock Shake with an image of its own St Patrick’s Day-themed shake dubbed the St. Paddy’s Day Shake. It also stated that Jack In The Box has, “Ice cream machines that work. What a concept.” As well as, “Don’t get McShammed. Get Jack’s new Mint Shake.” On top of that, Jack In The Box launched the website


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While we love a good Shamrock Shake, we don’t enjoy stopping into our neighborhood Micky D’s only to find out that their ice cream machine is once again broken. We commend the effort from the rival chain and maybe we’ll even try their version instead.