C’mon Guys: Father And (Adult) Son Brawl In Public Over ‘Pokémon GO’ Gym

Photo: Morten Falch Sortland (Getty)

And here we thought Pokémon GO died as quickly as it came in 2016. It turns out people are still playing the mobile game, and grown men are assaulting each other to gain a competitive edge. At least in St. Louis.

A gamer recently went to an NBC affiliate after police arrested two men who allegedly beat him up. The victim walked away from the brawl with facial abrasions, a busted eye and a broken finger. It all happened while playing the game in a St. Louis suburban park. But these weren’t kids, teens, or even college nerds. They were grown men, a 71-year-old and his 30-year-old son, who nearly killed the guy because he was interfering with their “virtual gym.”


Robert Matteuzzi, 71, and 30-year-old Angelo Matteuzzi are each charged with third-degree assault.

According to police, during a Pokemon Go hunt, the victim thought the suspects stole his gym that is part of the game. Police said the victim then threw a Gatorade bottle into the suspect’s vehicle.

Police said Robert later found the victim in another area of the park and threw the Gatorade bottle back at him, which hit him in the face.

pokemon go brawl

A father leaving a nearby pool said he recorded the fight on video. Police told KSDK that the video shows Robert holding down the victim while his son punches him several times in the face and head.

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Here’s the story below. But just a fair warning, it seriously questions your faith in humanity.

To make matters worse, the victim claims this isn’t the first time he’s had a run-in with this family while playing the game.

C’mon, guys.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter for KSDK St. Louis and a contributor for Mandatory.