Pokémon Go VS. Zombie Apocalypse: A Venn Diagram

The Pokémon Go craze may be behind us somewhat, but it is far from forgotten. Not by a long shot. And since it’s officially October and Halloween is right around the corner, it got us wondering how the two topics could be combined. Then we remembered that “The Walking Dead” is also returning at the end of the month, and our “Eureka!” moment came to fruition–zombies!

Since Pokémon Go came into prominence back in July, it’s turned a portion of the world’s population into brainless idiots, ever wandering the earth in a quest to “catch ’em all.” So what’s the real difference between an actual zombie apocalypse and the one facilitated by our iPhones? That’s where a well-placed Venn diagram comes into play.

Pokémon Go VS. Zombie Apocalypse: A Venn Diagram

Pokemon Go Zombie Apocalypse venn diagram

It’s quite telling that the two subjects have this much in common with each other. Fortunately, one’s dominance over the world was only short-lived. The other is still very much only existent in the world of fantasy, even if that fantasy is now more prevalent than it has ever been.

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