White Sox Fan Buys 100 Cardboard Cutouts of Himself to Make Up For His Inability to Be Offensive in Person

Photo: China News Service (Getty Images)

Since Major League Baseball returned to action last week, we’ve seen the lengths teams have gone to create at least a glimmer of normalcy in this not-so-normal summer. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are no fans in attendance at any games this season. Instead of the strangeness of showing completely empty stadiums on TV, teams opted for the even stranger choice of filling the stands with cardboard cutouts. While it does look a little silly, the addition of celebrities, fans, and sometimes even family pets make the mostly empty stadiums not look so strange while we’re viewing the games at home. Well, as long some wise guy doesn’t buy up a whole section with cutouts of himself. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened at Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox.

As we’ve mentioned, due to the virus, MLB stadiums are empty this summer. Because of this, many teams have begun offering fans the ability to buy cardboard cutouts of themselves to fill the empty seats. Apparently, because of one White Sox fan, they should have a limit.

During the White Sox’s opening series with Minnesota Twins, the team made 1,500 seats available for fans to buy cardboard cutouts of themselves. Each seat went for $49 and all the money went to charity. The seats sold out with a whopping 100 going to a Sox fan named Paul Garret.

You might assume that since Garret purchased 100 seats, he’d fill them with cutouts of friends, family, and co-workers, right? No, he had the team make 100 cutouts of himself to be alarmingly seated right next to the visitor’s dugout. That’s what we call home-field advantage in the time of COVID. Let’s just hope that when Chicago visits Minnesota, they return the favor.

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