Wedding Limo Catches Fire on Way to Ceremony, Bride Starting to Think Universe Is Trying to Communicate With Her (Or Is God a Jealous F-Boi?)

Photo: Tom Merton (Getty Images)

Sometimes the universe gives us a sign to tell us that we might not be making the right decision. Maybe it’s that it began to pour right as you’re about to leave for the day. Perhaps you burned that meal you weren’t looking forward to eating. Or, maybe your limousine burst into flames on the way to your wedding.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Las Vegas. A bridal party was heading to the wedding venue when the limo they were traveling in spontaneously caught on fire.

According to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, the limousine was traveling down interstate 15 in the southbound lane between Sahara and Spring Mountain when the bride started to notice the smell of smoke. Other members of the wedding party noticed smoke begin to spill out from underneath the driver’s seat before the car eventually pulled over. Everyone evacuated just in time for the car to become engulfed in flames. The fire is believed to have been caused by a mechanical issue.

The limo company sent another car to pick up the wedding party. They were late for the wedding, but even though the universe told her not to, the bride still went to the ceremony.

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