Meanwhile in Los Angeles: Dudes Are Bathing in Pools of Bean Dip to Save Their Favorite Restaurants

Photo: martince2 (Getty Images)

On top of a health crisis and a sense of loneliness and isolation, one of the lasting effects of COVID is the shuttering of our favorite restaurants. For the past year, we’ve tried our best to give our favorite bars, pubs, and eateries our business as often as possible in an effort to keep them open. We ordered takeout, bought gift cards, and told others to try their award-winning burgers or bespoke cocktails.

But, as much as we tried, many of our favorite haunts have still closed. One man in Los Angeles couldn’t bear to see his favorite Mexican restaurant close so he decided to do something about it.

LA-based filmmaker and professional stuntman Hunter Ray Barker learned that his favorite local Mexican restaurant Los Toros was going to close due to slowed business due to the pandemic. He couldn’t bear to lose his go-to spot so he decided that to save it, he would spend 24 hours sitting in an inflatable pool filled with bean dip from the restaurant.

But, before you ask how lounging in a kid’s pool filled with salty dip is going to help, let us explain a little more. From 9:30 a.m. on a Monday until 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Barker sat in the pool wearing a Los Toros t-shirt and a matching mask. He did this to drum up support while also giving away $200 gift cards to the business.

He even created a website for the cause and while we don’t know if his stunt will actually save the restaurant, we do know that Los Toros is getting international attention and we can assume people are likely coming from near and far to grab some of their grub. All it took was a unique character deciding to wallow in bean dip for a day.

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