Meanwhile in Illinois: Couple Dines on Rolling Dinner Table on Wheels, Covid on the Go They Shall Name It

While the ongoing pandemic has impacted life in America in a very dramatic way, one of the biggest noticeable differences is the disruption of everyday activities. These are the type of activities that we all took for granted before COVID changed everything. One of the most important, missed activities is the act of eating in a restaurant. It might seem simple, but nine months of nothing but takeout just isn’t the same. That’s why one Illinois couple decided to do something about it.

Instead of doing what many of us have done and taking to social media to voice their annoyance at not being able to eat at their favorite local restaurants, this couple decided to find a way to dine out without actually having to sit in a potentially COVID-filled restaurant.

Doug and Kim White of Lombard, Illinois enjoy dining out. Since many of their favorite restaurants closed their dining rooms, they decided to convert their van into a mobile dining room. They didn’t like the idea of going into a restaurant, getting takeout, and eating it out of a box at home.

To create their mobile dining room, the couple bought a table at a home improvement store and added some folding chairs. The whole dining area cost the pair less than $100. Now, instead of simply grabbing takeout and eating it at home once it’s already room temperature, the duo is visiting their favorite restaurants and having the food delivered to the back door of their van.

It’s not as great as actually dining in, at least it’s close to the way things once were and hopefully will be again soon.

Photo: ABC 7 Chicago

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