RANKED! The Best Mexican-Style Beers For Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

When many of us think about spooky season, our minds tend to take us to Halloween with its carved pumpkins, costumes, and candy. But, there’s another ghost-centric holiday in the fall as well. The Day of the Dead (or Dia de Los Muertos) is celebrated on Nov. 1 and 2 and is a Mexican holiday that celebrates family members who have died over the years.

All over Mexico, the living celebrate the dead by putting on makeup and costumes, holding parades, singing, dancing, and making offerings to their deceased family members. Since it’s more of a celebration than a dark event, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a few Mexican beers while you pay tribute to the dead. Below you’ll find our favorite Mexican beers for celebrating the Dia de Los Muertos.

Photo: GoodLifeStudio (Getty Images)

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