Madonna Posts Sexy Lingerie Photos (Granny’s Still Got It)

While it’s been a while since anyone thought of Madonna as “Like a Virgin,” the pop star has aged gracefully. She’s now 62, and thanks to what we assume is a little cosmetic surgery, an insane workout regimen, and a strict diet, she still looks as smokin’ as she did when she released her book Sex (a wild concept at the time, trust us).

Over the weekend, she offered photographic proof of her never-ending hotness with a series of Instagram selfies in a strappy bra and lace-embroidered panties.


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“And Now For A Moment of Self Reflection…………..Madame,” the caption read, a nod to Madonna’s 2019 Madame X album.

Celebrity pals were quick to drop some love for the Material Girl in the comments section. “I need u. Hit. Guy.,” Snoop Dogg wrote. (Somebody please explain.) “You’re so stunning,” actress Asia Argento gushed. “OH. MY.” remarked Florence Pugh. Kelly Ripa dropped a series of fire emojis in response.

If this is what self-reflection looks like, consider us down for some serious navel-gazing, but could it be your navel, Madge, rather than our own?

Cover Photo: Instagram

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