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Petition to Rename Fire Ants to ‘Spicy Boys’ Gathers Steam, ‘Picante’ Rejected For Being Too Clever

Pop quiz! Who knows what the clinical term for fire ants is?* Better question: who actually gives a shit? Well, evidently a lot of people care what fire ants are called because a petition to rename them has gathered more than 16,000 signatures. The name they want instead? Spicy boys. Why they didn’t choose picANTes, we’ll never know, but the issue remains: fire ants are in need of a new identity and the first step to achieving that is changing their name. For years, the term “fire ants” has carried a negative connotation. The only solution to this, according to the petition, is to rename them.

“It has taken far too long for this issue to be dragged into the public eye,” a signee lamented. “The ‘fire ant’ nonsense has to stop. Let’s all just agree that spicy boys are called spicy boys and move on.” As Don Draper once said, “If you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.” That’s exactly what this petition aims to do and, if you feel as strongly about this issue as others do, you can sign the petition here. (*They’re called genus Solenopsis, BTW.)

Cover Photo: Elena Taeza/Eye Em (Getty Images)

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