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Plot Twist: Bank Teller Robs Customer After Large Cash Withdrawal, Steals Their Free Sucker, Too

Bank robberies happen all the time but rarely is the bank teller the culprit. But that’s exactly what happened when Nathan Michael Newell, a teller at Freedom Federal Credit Union in Maryland, helped a 78-year-old man make a large cash withdrawal from his bank account. Newell allegedly saw an opportunity to get rich quick and visited the elderly man at his home later that night with plans to rob him. When the man opened the door, Newell forced his way inside and began assaulting him until a 57-year-old female relative intervened by putting the assailant in a headlock. Newell was so badly outmatched, he fled upstairs, giving the woman a chance to call 911.

By the time police arrived, Newell had disappeared. Unfortunately for him, the old man recognized Newell from the bank where authorities arrested him the next day. The 19-year-old bank teller said he was tired of working two jobs and just wanted enough money to get his own place. Now he’s facing charges of first- and third-degree burglary, first- and second-degree assault, and home invasion. This was a nightmare turn of events for a young man who just wanted to live the dream of putting a security deposit on a modest bachelor pad with a kitchenette near the airport.

Photo: SensorSpot (Getty Images)

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