Naked Florida Man Says He Robbed Bank Because He’s Trying To Be A Comedian

Screenshot: YouTube

That makes about as much sense as sharing a photo on Facebook of you breastfeeding your kid while taking a hit from a bong.

According to NBC Miami, an idiot in Fort Lauderdale who robbed a bank and then threw some of the cash in the air while he ran down the street in his birthday suit told authorities that he did it all because he was trying to “begin his career as a comedian.”


Police said 25-year-old Alexander Hayden Sperber walked up to a teller at Regions Bank on Tuesday and told that teller to put money in a bag because he had a gun. Sperber was no doubt thrilled about the $7,500 the teller dropped in the bag, but he had to be pretty pissed about the red dye pack that accompanied the cash, especially when it exploded during his getaway and douched him in red ink.

Sperber’s solution to the problem? You guessed it: He stripped naked and ran through the streets while throwing $50 and $100 bills in the air. Of course, that made it pretty easy for police to find him, but it wasn’t until the questioning process that Sperber dropped the bombshell that he decided to rob the bank and run naked to “begin his career as a comedian.”

He was obviously arrested and jailed, but since it’s 2017, we should probably expect to see him opening for Louis C.K. in a few months.

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