Grinch Dog Caught Hoarding Toys From Charity Drive, Now on Santa’s Naughty List

His name is Ben and they found him lurking in the shadows. He was patient, like all good boys must be, but his patience was waning thin. Christmas was approaching and he had a whole litter of kids he needed presents for. Due to fate, circumstance, or a bad poker game, Ben had lost everything. He barely had a bone to his name and he was desperate. So desperate, in fact, that he was willing to embezzle donated toys from the very police station that he worked at! For somebody that was neutered years ago, that took some major balls. As time ticked down, Ben inched closer and closer to the pile of goodies. Finally, he made his move. And he would’ve gotten away with it, too, were it not for those meddling police officers. Also, he left some pretty obvious DNA at the crime scene, in the form of lots and lots of drool. That’s because Ben is a dog.

When officers at the Franklin Police Department noticed that various toys had gone missing, they set a trap and discovered it was their trusty therapy dog, Ben Franklin, who was the culprit. After a stern talking to and the removal of treats, Ben stuck his tail between his legs and apologized. Though he’s a golden retriever, he realized that you should never try to retrieve other people’s toys, especially if those toys are stored in the police station that you work at.

Cover Photo: GK Hart/Vikki Hart (Getty Images)

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