The Mandatory Guide to the Most Embarrassing Christmas Cards That Everyone Regrets

It’s not the holidays if you’re not being bombarded with mail you didn’t want or ask for. Inside each brightly colored card unfolds a story of a friend or family. Many of these cards contain photos that are obvious attempts at coming across as a perfect couple or family. Fortunately, some of these don’t turn out, leading to the advent of the embarrassing holiday Christmas card. Even though some of these look like they caused years worth of emotional damage, they’re a gift to the rest of us. And now we share them with you, ensuring your bizarro holiday cards can eventually be the gift that keeps on giving. Keep reading to see our picks for the funniest, most embarrassing family Christmas cards.

Photo: Mischa Keijser (Getty Image)

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What’s the worst holiday card fiasco you’ve ever seen? And were you in the photo? Let us know in the comments!

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