white elephant
Friends celebrating Christmas: Giving presents

The Mandatory Gift Guide For the Most Ridiculous and Weird White Elephant Presents

Let’s face it: exchanging Christmas presents kind of sucks. The only kind of holiday gift-giving that’s any fun is the White Elephant tradition. We assume you’ve had the opportunity to partake in this exchange of ridiculous, outrageous, or downright inappropriate gifts. If not, there’s no better time to initiate the hilarious tradition with your friends, family, or coworkers – and we have the perfect gifts picked out for you.

From literally shitty presents to ones that’ll keep the recipient laughing all year long, there’s something on this list guaranteed to shock whoever opens it. Just don’t blame us when your girlfriend dumps you, Uncle Al disowns you, or your boss gives you a pink slip because of your off-color present. Even if you do offend everyone near and dear to you this holiday season, the reaction to your gag gifts will be priceless.

Photo: ilbusca (Getty Images)

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