The Mandatory Holiday Gift Guide For Moms and Dads Who Have It All (But Still Need a Gift)

It’s Christmastime again, and even if you don’t celebrate the arrival of jolly old St. Nick, you’re going to have to buy presents because that’s how we torture ourselves every December! Part of this ritualistic act of showing love with gifts includes nearly bankrupting yourself to convince your parents you’re not poor. Yes, the very baby boomers who gave you life now expect you to give to them even though generationally all they’ve done is take. But fear not, for we’ve lined up the best gifts any boomer could want and all for the price of your mortal soul. Keep reading to see our gift picks for moms and dads who have it all — but still want something for Christmas.

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

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What kind of gifts did you get the parental units this holiday season? Was it anything on our list? If you haven’t done holiday shopping yet, why not? Let us know in the comments!

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