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The Mandatory Gift Guide of Last-Minute Presents Under $25 For All You Procrastinating Cheapskates

You did it again. You waited until the last minute to start even thinking about Christmas gifts. There’s no excuse for getting into this dilemma; Christmas is Dec. 25 every single year. And retailers won’t let you forget it, either. Don’t act like you didn’t notice the brightly lit, heavily ornamented trees popping up in store aisles before you’d even polished off all your Halloween candy.

And yet. Here you are, empty-handed, as the biggest gift-giving day of the year closes in. Yes, you’re the worst. You don’t deserve the nice friends and family who purchased and wrapped your presents since before Daylight Savings Time kicked in.

Santa can’t blame supply chain issues, and neither can you. But we are here to help (after that hearty dose of shame). We know you’re broke, too (or just cheap) so we’ve scoured the interwebs for last-minute gifts under $25. You can thank us later. (Psst…we totally accept gift cards.)

Cover Photo: blackCAT (Getty Images)

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