‘Star Wars’ Characters Most Likely To Get #R2MeToo’ ed

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters soon. As the Skywalker saga comes to a close, everyone and their mother is wondering who will make it out of the sequel alive. While the respective fates of our favorite characters are still up in the air, one character has been suspiciously missing from the most recent trilogy: R2-D2. As it turns out, the absence of everyone’s favorite droid is due to the fact that a far more important story has been developing in a galaxy, far, far away with the #R2MeToo movement. Now that R2 is pulling a Ronan Farrow and developing an expose on the most prominent sexual predators throughout the galaxy, here are the Star Wars characters most likely to get #R2MeToo’ ed.

Cover Photo: Lucasfilm

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