Holiday Shopper Punches 5-Year-Old in the Face at Target, Wrong Bull’s-Eye Jackass

Black Friday has become a yearly tradition in which shoppers compete in a battle royal to find the latest and greatest gifts that money can buy. Sometimes sacrifices are made, civility is abandoned, and sucker punches are thrown. This was the case in a recent video that has gone viral, depicting a grown man walking through a Target and punching two children before casually strolling away.

The video is graphic and it will make your blood boil, but we’ve got to give props to the first kid who, after taking a fairly lazy haymaker, rushed to the second child to carry him away from any further harm. The jackass who did it was Jeff Hardcastle, a 51-year-old man who officers suspect was on drugs at the time of the attack (which explains why his posture was so bad; you gotta lock your feet, bro). Hardcastle was sentenced to nine years in prison and we can only hope that the 11-year-old who first got punched pulls a John Wick when he turns 18 and tracks the guy down to offer proper “street justice.” Target’s logo may be a bull’s-eye, but we think that’s more of a marketing ploy and less of a challenge for customers to actually go searching for one.

Cover Photo: New York Post

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